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Online Learning Resources

COVID has changed many aspects of our lives, but one thing it has not changed is the resilient nature of our hard-working students. Check out this video to see how our choir has been able to power through these tough times!

Even though we have been conducting our choir lessons primarily through Zoom, we have found ways to stay resilient and maintain the community we would have had had this been a normal year! The links below can help you find any of our resources for online learning:

In light of the many ways in which COVID has changed our daily lives, we understand that everyone is facing unexpected challenges. We have begun to hold in-person rehearsals for all those who feel comfortable attending, and for those who do not, we also offer rehearsals online.

Please ensure that all students have joined the appropriate Google Classrooms to receive information on upcoming assignments as well. 

Virtual ensembles

Our virtual ensembles have been a great success!  Thanks to everyone for their hard work during distance learning.  See the virtual choir videos here.

Information for the 2021-2022 school year will be released as it becomes available. Contact us with any questions you have.

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