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Letter Jackets

Modern Band students who are heavily involved can earn a letter jacket. Letter jackets can be earned through outstanding involvement, leadership, and participation. 

Requirements to Letter in modern band: 

To earn a letter in modern band, a student must earn a total of 100 points.  The following activities grant students points.


  • 1 year in Modern Band class: 30 points (full participation, passing
    every six weeks)

  • 1 year in Friday Night Band: 15 points

  • 1 year in Choir or Music Theory: 10 points

  • Entering the National Song-Writing Contest: 10 points

    • Winning the National Song-Writing Contest: 5 additional points

  • Performing an original song in a concert: 5 points

  • Accompanying another group in a concert or performing at a special
    event: 5 points per concert or event

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