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All State & Honor choirs

ALL state

Students interested in additional music experiences may choose to audition for an All Region
Choir. The 9/10 Honor Choir is only open to freshmen and sophomores, while All State is open
to 9th - 12th graders. In both competitions, students learn music on their own, using practice
recordings and audition for a place in one of the regional choirs, which perform each

CONGRATS to Hannah Barbee, a fourth year returning choir student, NSA, and FNB member, for advancing to the fourth round!

CONGRATS to the following people for their performance at the All Region Choir Auditions. Everyone from Townview who auditioned earned a place in a regional honor choir! Here are the results:

All Region Choir

  • Zoe Helms, S1

  • Rachel Ramos, S2

  • Bria Brown, A2

  • Hannah Barbee, A2

  • Enrique Meza, T1

All District Choir

  • Soleil Rahmanda, S1

  • Andrea Estrada, A1

  • Valeria Sotomayor, A2

  • Michael Cotton, B1

  • Jose Alonzo, B2

  • Caleb Gurnell, B2

CONGRATS to our Students that made it past the first round!

Soprano 1: Zoe Helms, Soleil Rahamanda

Soprano 2: Rachel Ramos

Alto 1: Andrea Estrada

Alto 2: Bria Brown, Hannah Barbee, Valeria Sotomayor

Tenor 1: Enrique Meza

Bass 1: Michael Cotton

Bass 2: Jose Alonzo, Caleb Gurnell


All Region Concert at Dallas Baptist University’s Pilgrim Chapel


Official TMEA Website:  includes information about all-state auditions as well as all Texas divisions and programs

This is the page for Dallas ISD's region information. Here, there is information about contest dates and locations as well as specific audition and music instructions. There is also information about UIL and Solo & Ensemble. 

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