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The Townview Choir is one of the few competitive, varsity ensembles that includes students of all experience levels.  Students learn choral technique, literacy, and perform a wide variety of genres and styles.  The choir competes in district and regional events including UIL, All State, and Music Festivals.  Students perform throughout the Metroplex and beyond, including Austin, San Antonio, New Orleans, New York City, and more at such venues as The Meyerson Symphony Center, Dallas City Performance Hall, and The Majestic Theater. 


Choir meets during the school day and after school in combined rehearsals.  Students also have the option to take class during 9th period (after school only). 

Choir officers:
Angela Nguyen


Ella Barnes

Vice President of Special Projects

Aditi Krishnan

Vice President of Public Relations

Alessandra Tornelli

Media Specialist

Hannah Barbee

Media Specialist

Onix Rios
Haven Emery


Soprano Section Leader

Angela Gomez


Desiree DeGennaro

Soprano Section Leader

Isabelle Adams

Alto Section Leader

William Liu

Tenor Section Leader

Vanessa Padilla

Alto Section Leader

Barret Allen

Bass Section Leader

James Funes-Metpally

Tenor Section Leader

Avery Rose

Bass Section Leader

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