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About our director

Our award-winning director:

devlin decutler

Devlin DeCutler has been the choir director and music teacher at Yvonne A. Ewell Townview Magnet Center since 2006. Under his direction, the Townview Choir has received numerous sweepstakes awards and other accolades in concerts and competitions and has performed at venues across the Metroplex and beyond. In 2014, Mr. DeCutler started a Modern Band program at Townview (also known as Rock Band) which partnered with Little Kids Rock, a national educational organization that brings instruments and modern band curricula to schools throughout DISD and the country. The Townview Modern Band has received national attention for its success, specifically with song-writing. The performing ensembles at Townview are some of the best in the area. The Music Theory program at Townview continues to achieve high marks, including seven consecutive years of 100% passing rate on the College Board AP Music Theory Test.


Mr. DeCutler directs the Met: Live in HD program in Dallas—a national education program in partnership with the Metropolitan Opera—by training teachers, managing tickets, and coordinating broadcast logistics. Hundreds of students attend each broadcast at a Dallas high school that contains its own HD theatre specifically installed for the Met Live program. In an effort to expand opera education beyond the district, Mr. DeCutler also mentors educators outside of Dallas and has been instrumental to the development of opera programs in Texas and Florida. To foster partnership between the Met Opera and Dallas Opera educational programs, Mr. DeCutler also serves on the Dallas Opera Educational Advisory Committee.


Passionate about helping other teachers, Mr. DeCutler has written district curriculum and resources for Music Theory, Modern Band, and Opera. He has presented or facilitated sessions at numerous national conferences including The Metropolitan Opera Educators Conference, The National Association for Music Education, and the Opera America Conference. He has also served as a new teacher mentor for DISD and the Texas Music Educators Association, and leads several professional development sessions each year. Devlin thanks God for his infinite grace and guidance and his wife Laura, also a choir director, for her constant support.

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