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Choir Officers

Choir Officer positions 

Choirs officers are servant leaders in the choir.  They help with every aspect of the program: organization, planning, instruction, recruitment, motivation, accountability, and much more.  Being an officer is a big commitment.  Before submitting this application, you should be certain that you are able to fulfill all of the requirements.  Review the list of officer positions below and consider if you would be a good fit for one of these positions.  Choir officers are usually returning choir members, especially the President and section leaders.  The link to the application is at the bottom of this page.


President - helps lead and coordinate choir events, leads officer meetings, coordinates concert set-up and take-down, facilitates communication between members of our music department, supervises and assists other officers in their duties, acts as an example of a model choir member, etc.

Director of Public Relations - supervises and coordinates with Media Specialist to maintain the Townview Music website, monitors social media sites for accuracy and message, arranges for all choir concerts to be video recorded, photographs choir events and rehearsals, acts as an example of a model choir member, etc.

Media Specialist - assists with updates to the Townview Music website, edits and uploads recordings to Townview Music YouTube and SoundCloud accounts, takes pictures and videos during choir rehearsals and events, regularly posts on Townview Music Instagram, acts as an example of a model choir member, etc.

Secretary - assists with grading and grade input, keeps inventory neat and organized, helps with uniform distribution and collection, numbers and stamps new music, inputs new music into database, collects and organizes old music, acts as an example of a model choir member, etc.

Section Leader (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass) - leads the section through behavior and attitude, leads rehearsal when split into sections, provides a strong and accurate voice to follow, takes role at evening rehearsals, monitors behavior of section and keeps track of individual students’ behavior on role sheet, reports any discipline problems to the director, acts as an example of a model choir member, etc.

2023-2024 Choir Officers

President - Zoe Helmes

Director of Public Relations - Zoe Blackburn

Media Specialists - Andrew Benitez, Miranda Gomez, Georgia Dreher, Camila Ojeda

Secretaries - Vanshika Prasad, Maryanne Schwalm, Camila Olivares, Lakshmi Licea

Soprano 1 Section Leader - Zoe Helmes

Soprano 2 Section Leader - Ruby Cardona

Alto 1 Section Leader - Valeria Sotomayor

Alto 2 Section Leader - Abigail Moore

Tenor Section Leader - Izzy Vergara

Bass Section Leader - Owen Tankersley

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