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Our program uses a tool called Charms Office to manage student records, access forms and downloads, assign inventory, and record performance assignments.  Once your Charms account is created, you can access these features through the website or mobile apps.

charms access instructions
  1. Go to

  2. Click ENTER at the top right corner of the page and log in as a Parent/Student/Member.

  3. Enter townviewhschoir as the school code.

  4. Enter your student ID as your initial password.  Once you have logged in, you will be forced to change your password.

  5. The following page will give you several links.  We don’t ever use some of the links and other links will become pertinent later in the year.  The main ones are the Handouts & Files, Finances, and the Recording Studio.

  6. Click the Files & Handouts to download files.  The handbook/syllabus for your class is there.  Additionally, there are forms and calendars you may download.

  7. There is a recording studio that we will use for you to record assignments to send to me.

  8. The Assigned Inventory link will show when something has been checked out/returned, like choir uniforms.

  9. The Finances link will show any payments you have made to the choir and allows you to keep electronic receipts of all transactions.

Charms Recording Instructions
  1. Log into in the Parents/Students/Members area or use the Charms Office Parent/Student app.  See instructions above.

  2. Click on the Recording Studio.

  3. On the Recording Studio page, select the appropriate assignment.

  4. Press play to start the accompaniment and press record once you hear your starting note.

  5. Perform your part of the assignment.

  6. Press stop when you are done.

  7. Play your recording to see if it can be easily heard.  If not, you may need to adjust the microphone level or accompaniment level and record again.  Do not adjust the tempo.

  8. To record again, click the X to delete your recording and repeat the process above.

  9. To submit your recording, click the check mark.

PDF Instructions

All of the information on this page is included in PDF forms here:

Charms Access Instructions

Charms Recording Instructions

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